Life Groups

Why Life Groups?

We were created to do life in relationship. After God created Adam, He looked around and noted that everything He created was good. Adam then named the animals but God noticed there was no one for Adam to share life with (Genesis 2:18). It was at this point that God created Eve.

In our heart of hearts, we know that we are intended to live our lives in relationship with others, not on our own. Our culture understands this: within our penal system solitary confinement is a powerful punishment. We are made to do life together and taking away that freedom does something to our soul.

What is a Life Group?

At South Hills we are passionate about the life-changing impact of Life Groups, not just for individuals, but also for our community. Life Groups are generally a group of 8-12 people who connect weekly (Hebrews 10:25). Many groups are made up of people with common interests or life-stages and others are a diverse gathering representing a spectrum of ages, interests, and backgrounds. Most Life Groups choose to meet casually over a meal or coffee and then dig deeper into a popular book, a book of the Bible, or the latest sermon. Members share their discoveries and questions on their journey with God as well as walk alongside each other through the celebrations and challenges of life.

How do I Get Involved?

Life Groups are where we can discover more deeply whom God created us to be and our unique roles in the body of Christ. This is where we can stop doing life on our own and start experiencing the joy of doing life with others.  Click here to see a list of all the available Life Groups.  If you would like to join or host a group, let Bonnie know.

Celebrate Recovery

Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12-step program that helps participants to deal with not just addiction, but also emotional hurts, self-harm issues, and other pains and hang-ups of life.  Step studies meet on Mondays at 6:30, and the Open Share group meets on Thursdays at 7pm.

For more information about Celebrate Recovery or to sign up for a step study, please contact Jessica.

Prime Timers

Prime Timers is our 50+ ministry.  They meet on the third weekend of each month for dinners, game nights, and events around town.  If you would like to join Prime Timers at their next meeting, please contact Steve.